TPP Bitola

The Mining Power Complex Bitola is located in the new municipality Novaci which was founded in 1975 year. The plant is located in the periphery of Pelagonija plain. The plant which basic activity, is the production of electricity and coal is the biggest in the system of the Macedonian Industry and consists of two production units: Mines and Thermal power plant Bitola.

The production in the plant started in 1980, by mining the first overburden of waste land in the first BTO system (Excavator, Conveyor, Stacker) and the production of first kilowatt-hours of power in 1982, when the first of three units of the three units of the thermal power plant was put into operation. The production is ensured by three units, which power with a reconstruction in 1994 was increased by additional 15 MW per unit or total 45 new power, so the installed capacity now is 233 MW per unit or total 700 MW. All this potential in MPC Bitola allows the plant to participate with more than 70 % in the total electricity production in EPS.

When we talk about MPC Bitola, we should not neglect the fact that we mean a permanently high production, which compared to the power facilities of this kind, even compared to a wider areas, deserves high respect. The constant exceeding of the yearly power supply demands proves this.

Location Novaci, Bitola
Number of units 3
Type of fuel coal
Year commissioned 1982/1984/1988
Steam boiler
ZIO-Podoljsk, Russia
Steam turbine
Rated power
LMZ, Russia
233 MW
Rated power
Elektrosila, Russia
247 MVA
Cooling tower 3

Revitalization and Modernization of TPP Bitola, III phase -Reduction of SOx and Dust
Comparative analysis of wet, dry and semi-dry processes, applicable technologies for desulphurization in TPP “Bitola”, had been carried out in order to compare the techno-economic parameters, whereby world experience for all variants separately are taken into account. According to the results of the comparative analysis the technology for desulphurization using the “wet process” is optimal and most appropriate for the existing technological process and equipment in operation in TPP “Bitola”.

Significance of the project:

  • Reduce emissions and immission of SOx and dust limits proscribed by European directives and Macedonian national legislation;
  • Improve the ambiental air in the vicinity of REK “Bitola” in Bitola;
  • Reducing noise of the plant;
  • Ability to produce gypsum and its placing on the market;
  • Improved conditions for workers and the population living around REK “Bitola” and
  • Possible reduction of external costs (reduced absenteeism, etc.).

  Revitalization and Modernization of REK Bitola_IIIphase