HPP Gradec

HPP “Gradec” is predicted to be constructed in the bed of river Vardar, downstream of Udiovo village (30.4 km from the Macedonia-Greek border) in order to be used energy potential of Vardar river at location of Udovo village to Demir Kapija with one additional energy level.

Regarding adopted disposition of HPP “Gradec” overflow gravity dam and powerhouse building are situated nearby in middle of Vardar River valley and sideways towards banks are planned concrete gravity parts of dam.  This solution is adopted due to the fact that enables construction of overflow gravity dam and  powerhouse building in I phase almost in dry and fastest start at the beginning of construction simultaneously with preparation of sheet piling from I phase and simultaneously with dislocation of railway at that crossroad.

Main characteristics of HPP „Gradec“

Dam height 33,00 m
Length of dam crest 520,00 m
Width of dam crest 10,00 m
Useful storage volume 43,00 x 10m3
Installed flow 240,00 m3/s
Net fall 27,15 m
Turbine type Каплан
Number of units 2
Installed capacity per unit 28,80 MW
Calculated installed capacity 55,20 MW
Average annual flow of site 141,20 m3/s
Average annual generation 243 GWh
Construction period 6 years
Dislocation of railway 22 km
Total cost of project 174,5 million Euros

 Project Vardar Valley