HPP Galiste

Тhis project will be implemented under the competence of Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.

The available potential of the r.Crna Reka has been so far utilized only in the bottom gorge stretch, executing the construction of the high dam Tikves. The upstream water storages Cebren and Galiste has exclusive electric power importance, providing conditions for formation of huge water storages and regulating of the flows of the r.Crna Reka, all with the purpose of their complete utilization.

The future dam site Galiste, located in the middle part of the gorge stretch of the r.Crna Reka, at the end of the existing water storage Tikves, i.e. 54 km. upstream of the r.Crna Reka estuary into the r.Vardar. The Galiste HPP is designed with conventional units and an installed capacity of 193,5 MW. The Galiste HPP will be used as a peak load power plant. According to the analyses performed in the Feasibility Study Galiste HPP will annualy generate 262,5 GWh.

The construction of the Galiste Dam will form water storage, volume of 344 x 106 m3. The high dam is foreseen to be of the rockfill type, having a central clay core, while the hydro power plant is foreseen to be located near the dam itself.