HPP Boskov Most

HPP Boskov Most is complex hydro energy system which includes entire usage of hydro potential of Mala Reka respectively its tributaries Tresonce, Rosoki, Lazaropole River, Valovnica, Garska, Zvoncica and Belesnica which catchment area is situated in the west part of Republic of North Macedonia. The hydro power plant Boskov Most with the supply and drainage organs and powerhouse building is located in the west areas of North Macedonia, near the town of Debar. Near the plant passes the Republic highway Skopje-Debar-Ohrid. It is a typical derivation plant. The waters of the river Mala Reka are intaken, as it inflows in the river Radika 10 km upstream from the inflow of Radika into the river Crn Drim. Pilot provision has been made for construction of a dam and forming of an accumulation (lake), intakes of all streams of Mala Reka river basin, derivation channels, tunnel, pipeline and powerhouse building.

HPP Boskov Most is designed to operate as near to rated capacity on the peak electricity demand hours. The plant will operate for at least five hours daily during the summer period and during the rest of the year the engaged capacity will vary according to the hydrological conditions. According to the analyses performed in the Preliminary design HPP Boskov Most will annually generate 117 GWh.

With this project the following effects are achived:

  • It increases the installed capacity of JSC ELEM for 71,50 MW and annual production of additional 117 GWh.
  • Production of peak load electricity of about 117 GWh to cover daily peaks that means reduced export and opportunities to create market product in an open electricity market.
  • The hydro system with this HPP closes the Crn Drim confluence.
  • The construction will increase the share of renewable in the production of JSC ESM. North Macedonia has committed to the European to meet the objectives of 20% production from renewable sources in the energy balance, a goal set and supported by all relevant institutions in North Macedonia.

HPP Boshkov Most