Necessities for electricity in Republic of Macedonia constantly grow and production in thermal and hydropower plants constantly increases. Development strategy of AD ELEM gives priority to expanding of production capacities of renewable sources especially to electricity production of wind and water.

Development plans of JSC “Macedo-nian Power Plants” are directed towards implementation of the best practices and strategies for attraction of investors as well as development and implementation of practices for promotion of renewable development and environmental protection. Regarding development plans of the company, construction of new facilities as well as rehabilitation and modernization of the existing are priorities. ELEM accomplishes ambitious program which is aimed to stress and promote economic development of the entire economy.

JSC “Macedonian Power Plants” continues its investment activities for improvement and modernization of existing capacities, and at the same time there are preparations for construction of new production capacities. Regarding that AD ELEM in 2009 started the largest investment cycle since the existing of the company which continued in the following years. According to its business politics, our company shall direct its business and investment activities to further growth and development of company and providing of stable and renewable development of energy power capacities.

 Development and Investment Plan 2018-2022